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As a young child I used to sit for hours with magazines and read them from cover to cover, page by page, enjoying the how-to sections and beauty treatments, but mostly I just enjoyed the beautiful images, the images of places I wanted to visit, products I wanted to try, recipes I just had to make, and all the little things that made life that much more beautiful! 

Creating a print publication was always sort of distant dream that I kept alive by taking what I considered the best parts of the many magazines I read every month and putting them in central folder to save and enjoy again and again.

Having the opportunity to finally produce my very own print publication with friends, for my brick and mortar as a marketing piece was so much more rewarding that I could have ever expected.  It lit a fire inside me seeing the small four page newspaper in person for the first time.  I knew in that moment that the newspaper would become more than just a one time marketing piece.  Having this online space has allowed that dream to be a reality and share a print publication with you four times a year filled with simplicity, ideas, products, recipes, exploring, and career conversations I have enjoyed and know you will too! 


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