Our Wedding in Sicily, Italy 2017

 Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina, Sicily

It is hard to believe that time has passed so quickly and here we are 2 years later reminiscing on our Sicilian countryside wedding.

It has taken me two years to share this post. Life seems to move a little faster with each year and before I knew it here we were two years later and no wedding post had been completed. It is funny how your parents always say that time speeds up the older you get and yet that is never fully understood until you are moving full steam ahead and well into adulthood. Each year the speed slowly increases and before you know it there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish life or in my case a post right here on this blog!

We chose Sicily as a to pay tribute to both our Italian heritages as well as our deep and everlasting love of travel. Our wedding was about an hour away from the childhood home of my great-grandfather. We would have been overjoyed to share such a special day with all of our relatives, but choosing an international destination with only our immediate families and my closest childhood friend is what felt right for us.

*Both Alex and I lost our Italian grand-parent on our maternal side which lead us to try and find small ways to carry them with us. I wore my maternal grandmother’s wedding ring and Alex wore his maternal grandfather’s bracelet.

*My maid of honor is the daughter of my mom’s maid of honor! How cool is that!? Talk about long lasting friendships.