Biltmore House, Asheville, & Summer in the Carolinas


Biltmore Estate June 1, 2019

Summer always seems to come early in the Carolinas…..

My parents moved to North Carolina when I was in high school and my husband and I just relocated a couple years ago from the DC area to upstate South Carolina. Having lived in both Carolinas and with each location that I’ve lived being at least 3 hours from a beach I have learned that summer always comes early and extra hot when you live in the piedmont.

We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this weekend—can’t believe how fast time moves. The plan was to leave for San Diego this Sunday and spend the next 7 days enjoying perfect weather and soaking up all southern California has to offer. Things don’t always go has planned and unfortunately my husband’s work project was moved back to the east coast for a couple of weeks which left us celebrating our lovely two years as a married couple locally right here in North and South Carolina. Since spring barely made an appearance this year and the South Carolina weather has been in the high 80’s and low 90’s with extra high humidity we decided to head for the mountains.

Currently we are not far from the Asheville, NC area and when the weather becomes unbearably hot Asheville is where we go locally to cool off. It was decided that while we live in this area Biltmore Estate season passes would be a perfect addition to enjoying Asheville. Lucky for us my parents obliged and gifted those for Christmas. We have enjoyed and utilized our season passes during each season that we’ve had them and while most times we do not even visit the inside of the estate, we do enjoy walking the grounds, and visiting the gardens. Even with the estate often full of tourists the grounds somehow feel like the perfect place to wind down and soak up some quiet time.

This anniversary weekend we decided to stay close to home, visit familiar places, and do our best to stay cool in the mountains of western North Carolina.

P.S. If you haven’t visited the Asheville area it is a lovely little getaway town that is worth stopping through.

*The above photo was snapped on the front terrace of the Biltmore home.