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It has taken me more than a year to share this post, because you know sometimes life happens and the hobbies we love get lost somewhere in the mix of it all. While life hasn’t slowed down at all in the past year I have realized that taking time to share and connect through this site is a relaxing pastime that I want to make sure to carve some time out for each week. I am so grateful that Christine was willing to share her experience and how she promotes animal rescue through her blog. Most who know me know that I am passionate about animal rescue and fostering and I am always thrilled to share my thoughts and experience as well as helping anyone who mentions wanting a pup find the right dog for them. Christine has found such a fun way to share animals in need and their stories and if you have a moment I would take the time to not only read her post here but visit her blog if you have a chance!

Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian in the worst way. I had always had a strong desire to help animals, no matter the species. Unfortunately, a week stomach and the tendency to pass out during surgeries forced me off the vet course and onto a different career path. I continued to volunteer at local shelters and wanted to find a way I could do more for animals.

In January of 2017, I was scrolling through Instagram and noticed fashion bloggers would occasionally post photos with their pets. Almost instantly, I thought how wonderful of a platform it would be for adoptable pets. I contacted my friend Abby who is a manager at the Anti-Cruelty Society and pitched the idea. She was incredibly supportive and helped me work my way around the shelter with the dogs. It was definitely a funny feeling to be glammed up at while walking dogs, but the results were incredible. 

Flash forward to today and I’ve now worked with more than 20 rescue organizations in Chicago and around the country. I want to help spotlight their mission and all the work they are doing to help animals. My goal is to travel the country and one day the world working with different rescues and bringing attention to the issues they are facing. 


People ask me often how they can help and my answer is generally the same. Adopt a pet, and if you can’t adopt a pet, then try fostering. Can’t foster? Contact your local shelter and ask what kind of volunteer positions they have available. There are so many ways you can help homeless pets, don’t hesitate to get started. 

It’s been an amazing journey so far and I really feel like I’m only just getting started. I have so many dreams and ideas; I can hardly wait to put my thoughts into action. For now, I’m spending time with our two foster fail cats and our newly adopted dog, Rawlings.


Rescue in Style