5 Favorite Bath Soaks: Relaxing Evenings

Taking a bath is such an easy and accessible way to take care of yourself, both your physical body and mind.  I have had a lot of fun experimenting with different bath soaks that I make at home or have enjoyed from small batch companies and I am so excited to share 5 of my current favorites!

Life is often hectic and crazy and when you finally get to the end of your day you realize how exhausted your body and mind are from making through the day. My husband and I recently moved to a new area and our days seem to be a lot shorter and our evenings are often taken up with caring for our animals, making dinner and prepping for the next day.  

I know you often hear that you should start your day off right in the morning, but I have realized over the past few months that starting your day right depends heavily on how good your rest was the night before. Taking baths has become a ritual of sorts for me in the evenings.  It is the thing I do after living life for the day. Evening baths have started being the constant that relaxes and winds me down at the end of each work week day and they are the routines that set the tone for the next day. 

1. Gem and Honey Infused:  I am so excited that I found this company on Etsy!  They make lovely bath soaks and they are one of the few companies that include gem-infused salts in their soaks. This soak is so fine and dissolves so easily in the bathtub unlike many bath soaks that are so coarse.

2. Herbivore Coconut Soak: Herbivore has to be one of my favorite skincare companies as a whole!  I am a sucker for beautiful packaging and design and when I find a company that provides the aesthetics as well as quality, I am a forever fan!  This coconut bath soak is one that I gift to people all the time because I know I can never go wrong. Everyone I know that has ever tried it loves sharing the after affects of their bath.  Your skin is incredibly moisturized afterwards a soak--this will easily become a bathroom staple. 

3. Vitruvi Essential Oil: Since finding Vitruvi a few years ago, they are the only essential oil I choose to use.  They are an online based company which allows them to keep their cost down.  They are quoted on their website saying "We believe essential oils should never be so expensive that they feel too precious to use". I use the cederwood oil in my bath often, as research has shown valuable benefits. When used in an aromatherapy stress treatment, cedarwood essential oil was found to temporarily decrease heart rate and promote relaxation.  

4. Monta Bath Salts: Connecting with Monta shortly after their founding has been such an enjoyable company to watch grow.  I have not only connected with the products but also with the founder, (who happens to be from my home-state!) and have been able to watch her grow Monta from a couple products into an exciting and meaningful business.  I had the opportunity to sample the Vesuvius bath salts and while I could use them every night, I found that the purifying and detoxifying Hawaiian black lava salt and lavender, mint scent is perfect for when you are feeling a little under the weather.

5. Epsom Salt & Baking Soda: This is such an easy DIY bath soak and since it is my go to I had to include it in the list. I keep a container of equal parts baking soda and epsom salt on the side of the bathtub and scoop in about 1cup per bath and pour in under running water to help it dissolve I almost always include a few drops of some Vitruvi essential oil. This became my bath soak of choice as it is supposed to be beneficial to use after long hours of traveling--I use it to soak away all those nasty airplane/airport toxins and help recharge after hours of sitting and breathing in stale air. Lavender essential oil is my choice pretty often since I am usually trying to unwind, however your favorite essential oil will work perfectly as well.