Spend a Day at Maryland Museum of Art with Monet and Matisse--Baltimore, MD

close up

Over the holidays while visiting my husband's family we had the opportunity to explore the Baltimore Museum of Art , one of our favorite places in Baltimore, MD.  

The most amazing part of this museum is that it costs nothing and is open for all to enjoy.  When we first discovered BMA we couldn't believe that their permanent collections and revolving exhibits were available to enjoy at no cost to any visitor.  This is a regular stop on our visits to b-more and we enjoy each time as much as the last.  On our visit this past December of '17 the museum showcased Monet, Matisse and an exhibit displaying a memorial of the world trade center.  This art museum is amazing! 


These are photos of a few of my favorite pieces, but you can see the rest of the photos taken that day at Baltimore Museum of Art right here.


Baltimore is never a disappointing visit, because of how resinate of "home" it is for me. A gritty rust-belt city that has a lot of heart and beauty beneath its gray exterior. Beneath the surface is where we see the beauty that lies within and the hidden colors of the city.  Baltimore, you have never been my home but I wouldn't be disappointed if you were.