Monta, Michigan & Nostalgia


I am writing this post while sitting in a hotel in my homestate of Michigan. It seems appropriate that this post would be written while in the state that Monta was founded and is made. I haven’t lived here in over 13 years but its funny how it will never stop being home, the place with memories around every corner and so many reminders of my childhood spent with family. Michigan is a place that evokes nostaliga everytime I return.

Memories are to be savored, they take you back in time and let you remember and revisit moments--moments that become memories.  These memories can be brought about by place, sound, or scent. Coming home this week and being in a city so full of nostaliga inspired me to share Monta, a company whos scents are focused on place.  

Monta’s fragrances are inspired by the landscapes that we call home. They are meant to be with you daily as a constant, as a reminder to enjoy the journey. As I have gotten older and moved around a little and always traveling more often than not, I am realizing that having constants in my life is so important.

A roller scent from Monta is one of those products I reach for when traveling. I always try pack something that makes home seem just a little closer no matter what side of the world I have landed on.