Mom Goes Minimalist

The spaces we keep as "home" are our shells. We make ourselves known within the walls, along the floor, up the stairs, with or without intention. My mom has always been a woman who echoes herself throughout her home. She decorated. More than decorated, she exploded, implied herself everywhere

Projecting yourself onto the space in which you live is unavoidable. Even folks who claim to be of a different sort, people who feel they have no interest in aesthetics or decor extend themselves into their living space in some way. A blank wall says a lot. But my mom loved to decorate. She was the sort who made herself known, seen in her home. Her interests geographically, aesthetically, spiritually were all hung on the walls, by the shower curtain and above the stove. My mother was unavoidable in the houses I grew up. 

We were looking through old photos before the holidays and laughed quite hysterically about what a change she's made in her home-making. Since reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever by Marie Kondo, she's been "purging", so she calls it. In just a few months she's gotten rid of her entire collection of Christmas decorations, now only decorating (loosely) for the Winter Solstice. She has also gotten rid of most of her clothes, her shoes, her dish ware, rugs, curtains, and any sort of small knick-knack or meaningless piece of furniture you can think of. My mom refrains often that she would now rather spend her money on experiences rather than things. I'm proud of her and her home is a more peaceful place for it. 

My mom is a total believer in shopping small which means she's a regular at Fadales. It's where she gets her bath supplies, some of her bedding, gifts and just a few of her decorations. She's been proud to share her, "If it isn't useful, thoughtful, or handmade then I don't want it in my house," motto. Since the most of what we carry at Fadales is utilitarian, it's the perfect spot for her.