On Paper, To-Do Listing and Appointed


I know that we live in a world where technology basically eliminates our need for paper. That being said, there is something beautiful and settling about having a notebook, at least for me.

It is the place I put down my goals and dreams, a place that makes them real and readable and alive.

You have to be bold enough to put out there what you want, to make that big scary to-do list, the one that will make your dreams obtainable and real. I always have these beautiful ideas for how I am going to use my notebooks and have justified way too many purchases of paper/stationary products, always with the excuse that they will make my life more organized--Ha! My handwriting is really unattractive, my thoughts can be messy, and my planning can be a little disorganized, but I still write and for that I choose paper and I choose Appointed. For its beauty and because it is ethically made in the U.S.


Writing is medicine. Can be. Has the potential to be. Words written, spoken, give some sort of other-worldly birth to our inner and imaginative heart-scapes. They go out from us and onto their own lives in the hearts of others, in the breath of the universe. There is release and power and magic in our to-do list making, our journaling, our sketching, our letter writing.

When I was growing up my grandmother would take me to the department store with her to shop for groceries. She'd take her cart, throw her cane in the basket and I'd proclaim, "I'll be in the school supplies aisle!" I went for the notebooks--to feel the paper, to look at the different styles of lines and colors of lines on the pages, cover art, colored pencils, nice pens, Sharpies. I've always documented, always had the impulse to write, to say something, anything and hardly ever inside of just any old notebook. I had to like the lines, the margin width, the thickness of the paper. Very particular I was and very particular I still am. There are many, many notebooks in the world. Many places to draw, to create to-do lists, to write about the day. I've taken to Appointed. The paper is heavier, the lines are thin and gray, the binding is brass, the covers are linen, almost indestructible. And as far as child-me and her criteria is concerned, the pages are heavy, the line and margin width do not abuse page space or confine, and the colors are pale, neutral and non-intrusive. Excellent.