Crayton Davis

As you know, this blog is attached to Fadales. This post, however, isn't about Fadales. Rather, it is about a new company that Fadales has had the opportunity to co-share space with, co-create with and watch grow, all while starting something new in an old forgotten textile town. After months of sharing space we decided to sit down with Patrick Fish and “interview” him about his new company Crayton Davis Co. It has been an exciting adventure to sit by and watch this idea develop into a tangible product. 

Where did the Name Crayton Davis Co. come from?

The company is named after my great-grandfather whose full name is actually Walter Crayton Davis. My mom wanted to name me Crayton and call me Cray but quickly realized that my name would have been Cray Fish and went with Patrick instead.

Why is it important to you for your line to be American made?

We started in what used to be an old textile town. We want to try our best to keep a portion of our products produced in the USA as manufacturing was the very thing that kept our small town a thriving community for many years before so many jobs left our county as each mill closed one after the other. My hope is that by always producing a majority of our products in the U.S. it would help to generate more opportunity for American citizens and stimulate our economy.

What has your creative process looked like?

The original plan was to make a small-batch line of socks strictly for Fadales. We contacted a small hosiery manufacturer located right outside of Shelby, NC, and began designing the socks. After we had met with the manufacturer and laid-out the socks, it then became a waiting game until our samples were finished. The sampling process was taking longer than expected, so during our free time we started to compile more ideas for the shop. The number of ideas increased and eventually turned into new projects. Before we knew it we were designing hats, ordering shirts and making hand-crafted leather goods. We had created something bigger than we ever anticipated, we had built an entirely new company. This is how Crayton Davis Company formed into what it is today and we hope it can continue to grow and form into a lifestyle. Needless to say, we never finished that order of socks, but have recently discussed revisiting that project and eventually adding socks to the Crayton Davis Co. line.

What has been your inspiration for your design style?

Crayton Davis Company is a classic American lifestyle brand, inspired by a variety of American cultures that range from the deep south all the way to the mid-west. We are designing a versatile line of clothing; a style that is fashionable and suitable in multiple different settings. We are striving to create an innovative style for men that attracts a broad range of diverse clientele.

Since the launch, where is Crayton Davis now?

The launch was a huge success for us but it was just the beginning of the process. There is still a lot of work to be done. Our main focus right now is our website, getting it updated and having it available for holiday shopping. On top of that, we have started designing new products and preparing for the new year. Over the next few months we are going to focus on the local sales and try to become a house name in our local market of Shelby, NC. Once we are comfortable in Shelby, we will begin to expand to surrounding communities and eventually into larger markets, like Charlotte, Asheville and Greenville, SC.

What has been the hardest lesson for you to learn owning your own business straight out of college?

Time management. Putting in the hours needed to get everything done. Being able to self-manage my time since no one is there to give me a schedule or a list of requirements. We have also experienced the challenges building a brand in a small community. But that has just forced us to be creative with our marketing and rely heavily on social media and our online sales.