Safe Skin Care//Face Mask by AEnon

I've been using masks on my face since I was 11. I've always loved anything that had to do with beauty and skin care. As I've gotten older it has evolved from being cheap .99 peel offs from bog-box chain retailers to making sure that what I put on my skin is safe for my body. We often neglect our skin. We take care of ourselves internally by taking vitamins and eating healthy food, we watch what we eat to appear a certain aesthetic, but it's likely that our skin is overlooked. We aren't typically informed about how absorbent our skin is. It is the largest, most exposed organ of the body. What we put on it goes into our bloodstream and can effect us as noticeably as the food we eat. It is important to me to use safe, earth-based, ingestible-quality products on my skin. 

AEnons meets the criteria. They do not test on animals, their products are free of toxins, more than 80% of their ingredients are organic and more than 90% are naturally derived. AEnon's thoughtfully crafts, even down to their packaging. To preserve the safety of their product, they use all glass containers. This keeps toxic parabens out of the product and off of our skin.