Memories, Routines and Mainstays

Litoralle & Vitruvi

Recently I have felt more nostalgic than usual. These moments of being taken back are triggered by song, setting, scent, etc. Many times it has been fragrance that sends me to these specific, vivid, and vibrant moments. We hear that smell is the sense that is most closely linked to memory which is why I have recently chosen personal fragrances that I will use for years to come. Scents that are to be mainstays and ones that too will evoke memories and nostalgia throughout the years. 

I have come to believe that most things I purchase should be meaningful, well crafted, or multi-purpose. I don’t want to be wasteful in the way I choose to spend my time and money which is one of the reasons I am slowly curating my personal lifestyle products to be ones that I connect with, are timeless and are products I will still enjoy using for years to come.  

Two of the fragrances I use day-to-day are well crafted products from companies that I can feel good about supporting. These frangrances are crafted with ingrediants that I am not afraid to use on my body and are therefore, scents I feel are becoming mainstays. 

Litoralle Aromatica is produced in California. There are two choices, both are unisex fragrances (love this). They describe their scents this way, “A white wash of bleached sunlight. A fresh breeze whipping against jagged seaside cliffs. Azure water dappled with foam.” While both Litoralle scents are inspired by the seaside I would describe them as clean and light. They are scents that can be worn anytime, anywhere and will always be classic, appropriate and never intrusive. 

My other daily go-to, Vitruvi, is produced in Vancouver Canada.  Before the creation of Vitruvi, Co-founder Sarah was inspired when learning how scent influenced the brain during med school. The ingrediants they use are sourced from 30 countries around the world to always insure that each formulation is consistant and of highest quality.  I personally started using Vituvi a little over a year ago and have consistantly carried a roll-on with me since.  Each scent is formulated to highlight daily rituals or help us transition from one moment to another throughout the day. 




Pictured products you can find at Fadales include: 

-Perfume--Litoralle Aromatica

-Body Mist--Vitruvi