Sevilla Smith

Shoes in my past years have been a source of much anxiety. It is rare that I find shoes that I like, more rare that I buy them new. For many years I bought my shoes from thrift stores or second-hand "vintage lace-up boots" from Etsy. Like clockwork, the soles would bust and separate from the leather. Frustrating. 


I do not have many shoes. I typically wear the same ones over and over and I need to trust that they can "take a beating". And they rarely ever can. I find refrained the frustration that women's shoes do not last, and behind it an entire industry making cheap, toxic products that will fall apart soon after purchase.

For many years, our culture was one that hadn't necessarily invested in indispensable wardrobes, our makers and artisans being tossed aside as the fast fashion industry took rise, a slew of social, economic and environmental violences trailing behind. Yet, it is becoming less rare, more realized and a little more accessible to buy handmade, timeless, well-crafted pieces from makers who invest in their product and offer reliability--a radical notion in a disposable world.

I felt intimidated by the price of these shoes from Sevilla Smith. I had been looking at them on and off for months before I actually bought them. Before my purchase, I spent an average of 45.00-60.00 per pair of shoes, buying an average of three to four times a year due to busted rubber soles. I was already spending roughly 200.00 a year on shoes that weren't serving me. So why not invest?  


 These hand-lasted, hand nailed shoes from Sevilla Smith are hand-cut to order, made to mold to your foot. They're extremely soft, flexible, and with elegance, display the wrinkles and scuffs of a well-loved, well-made shoe. The shoes are made free of toxic rubbers, toxic glues, stiffeners, and are made to last. As is pronounced on Sevilla's website, "...savor them, wear them, wander freely beyond mass production...and best of all love them past the trends of today." Timeless. I love them. We need such makers. I will be proud to wear these shoes nearly every day for years.