In-Shop Design--Shelby, NC

Products are important for shops, that's understood. Yet as important as products are, our customer's in-shop experience also matters. We understand what a lasting impression a space has upon memory.

Our shop's display tables used to be a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Second-hand, re-structured and re-finished tables, chairs and shelves. This worked for the store in the beginning, indeed those tables and little chairs held everything we needed them to. And still as we evolved, as we grew more comfortable with our building and with the flow of the shop, it became priority that we held consistency in the showcase of our store. The products and their introductions to our customers needed it. 

Cleveland Lumber is a wood supply, hardware and custom furniture shop just a few blocks away from our brick and mortar. We spent several weeks with three of their woodworkers bringing together a more clean, sleek and fluid interior space. This included a new check-out counter, all new display tables, a pop-up counter for guest makers, and furniture for our in-house photography studio. 

We're grateful our little town has the trade-workers to help us create such a space. 



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