Litoralle | Perfume

Litoralle | Perfume



California, USA

Litoralle Aromatica is produced in California. There are two choices, both are unisex fragrancesThey describe their scents this way, “A white wash of bleached sunlight. A fresh breeze whipping against jagged seaside cliffs. Azure water dappled with foam.” While both Litoralle scents are inspired by the seaside they could be described as clean and light. They are scents that can be worn anytime, anywhere and will always be classic, appropriate and never intrusive.

  • Luce Del Sole--A heavier scent more lasting scent.
  • Onde Biancha--A softer more airy version.

Why we choose Litoralle:

They are made in America with high quality ingredients.  Both scents are simple and unisex.  

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