I believe in “Shop well, do good,” in being part of a movement where makers matter and products have stories, function, and aesthetic value. 

I'm Amanda, I work in communications and development, I am a big dreamer who is enthusiastic about life. I'm "smiley". I believe in quality over quantity, working smart, being committed, and most importantly enjoying the day to day journey. If I were to describe who I am, I would tell you that I'm a lover of life, every single part: food, family, friends, work, travel and experiences.  I haven't fully decided what I want to be when I grow up, but thats ok, because I'm on my way there--wherever "there" may be. 

--Products are the little accents in our lives, the in-betweens that add to the experiences we have and share. Those products should be as thoughtful and intentional as the rest of our lives.

Fadales brick & mortar opened a few years ago as a small, well-intentioned lifestyle boutique with a goal to give people a place to, "Shop well and do good." Fadales the brick & mortar location grew and evolved into being solely online as life is always moving forward and a stationary space was no longer a reality. After making that transition there was one constant that remained, my love of connecting with people, through sharing meaningful, and beautiful moments. I knew I would never be able to abandon the dream of Fadales and instead chose to expand my community by reaching out online and connecting and sharing with lovers of life across the world. 

I hope to share a little bit of my life with you here!